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Lydia, an inland kingdom of western Asia Minor, where the first coins were minted. Lydian Electrum Coins, by RG: LIST OF LYDIAN CITIES REPRESENTED ON WILDWINDS.Trenches are yearly excavation areas (in current usage) or more specific areas of sectors (in early records which used a different excavation system).The earliest coins of ancient Miletus in Ionia were minted in electrum, a gold-silver alloy, and feature crouching lions or lion heads.Thrones, chariots, statues, amulets and jewelry were also made using this alloy.

The Complete Greek Tragedies Vol IV., Ed by Grene and Lattimore, line 463.Herodotus (1.7) refers to a Heraclid dynasty of kings who ruled Lydia, yet were perhaps not descended from Omphale.

The Battle of Pteria resulted in a stalemate, forcing the Lydians to retreat to their capital city of Sardis.Early 6th century BC Lydian electrum coin (one-third stater denomination) According to Herodotus,.Re-established after reconquest by the Eastern Empire in 534 as the separate Prefecture of Africa.

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CATNUM is made up from object type, year, and sequential number.The oldest coin in the world is made of electrum,. (Image Source) There is still plenty of mystery revolving around the history of the Lydian Lion coin.

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Electrum definition, an amber-colored alloy of gold and silver used in ancient times. See more. The most ancient Lydian coins are likewise made of electrum.The Lydian language was an Indo-European language in the Anatolian language family, related to Luwian and Hittite.

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It took place on May 28, 585 BC, and ended abruptly due to a total solar eclipse.

Clark Smith, Specialists in World Gold Coins and Chinese Coins.Featuring a selection assortment of Coin History Old available on sale on the internet. Lion And Bull Book Gold Coin Croesus Lydian Electrum Stater Antique.

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Your best coin buy. I had found another coin similar for sale from a dealer, a paler electrum with a.In 547 BC, the Lydian king Croesus besieged and captured the Persian city of Pteria in Cappadocia and enslaved its inhabitants.The first coins were minted in electrum in the seventh century BC by the ancient Lydians and the Ionian Greeks of Anatolia (Asia Minor).

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Eighteen electrum coins of twelfth-stater weight (Gordion inventory Nos. 1105-1122).The Lydian culture stretched from the River Hylas to the Aegean Sea. The Greeks would not accept electrum coins in trade. California Gold Claims For Sale.Lydian Gold Coin Struck in 560 BC. made of Electrum, was the first coin to have certified markings on.

The early inscribed electrum fractions inscribed with the Lydian legend WALWET were engraved on the obverse.Showcasing electrum available for purchase here on the internet.Some months later the Persian and Lydian kings met at the Battle of Thymbra.

Add to your ancient coins collection with these Silver Greek coins.Live Auction 1 (21 November 2012): Electrum coins from a Canadian collector.Electrum - Learn all about this ancient, mystical gold alloy.An apparently unique coin linking the Athenian Wappenmunzen.Later, the military power of Alyattes II and Croesus expanded Lydia, which, with its capital at Sardis, controlled all Asia Minor west of the River Halys, except Lycia.

Persian Empire Daric Gold coin,The daric and. the ancient perisan coins, because it was inspired by the Lydian. value of one electrum stater.Ca. 630-615 BC (the terminus ante quem of ca. 615 BC is certain from the stratigraphic context) (Lydian).Sector is the most general, referring to a broad area of the city.This coin appears to have a much better claim to be a Kimmerian or Thracian imitative of a Lydian lion head coin.The ancient Lydian kings became quite wealthy by collecting and minting these coins from electrum.Lydia developed after the decline of the Hittite Empire in the 12th century BC.However, the decipherment of Lydian and its classification as an Anatolian language mean that Etruscan and Lydian were not even part of the same language family.

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It was bounded first by Mysia, Caria, Phrygia and coastal Ionia.Electrum Trite. in the Lydian kingdom of the. in these Terms and Conditions of Sale, COINS LISTED IN ANY.All other accounts name Atys, Lydus, and Tyrrhenus as being among the pre-Heraclid kings of Lydia.He also mentions (1.94) the recurring legend that the Etruscan civilization was founded by colonists from Lydia led by Tyrrhenus, brother of Lydus.

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The whole west of Asia Minor had Jewish colonies very early, and Christianity was also soon present there.