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So I have been mining now for a few days (Darkcoin and Quarkcoin) but I havent seen a payout.Can they run the miner program on their computers and then plug in my wallet address to send me coins.I stuck mainly with BTC, LC and PPC, but dabbled in other coins.Google Chrome might Block this download, try to download from using Firefox or IE if it does.Here just wanted to let you know I did add MaxCoin to the latest Verison if you want to give it a try get a wallet deposit address from coins-e.com.I think I did everything right, but the DOS screen never showed up.That is fine i will keep working on it and see if i can get it working better.If you want access to these early Ecoin opportunities, monitor the Bitcointalk Forum for new release announcements and insight. Goldcoin and Quarkcoin.

I like to see mine so I confirm it is working, then I just minimize the screen for later.In particular I like the idea of solar processing, since one of the main production expenses here is electricity.This is usually found within the options of the coin wallet.Enter your wallet for the Miner Type Selected, If you want to mine a Different coin you will need a address for Each Coin Mined.

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Transactions count, value, Quarkcoins sent, difficulty, blocks count, network hashrate, market capitalization.I agree they really screwed up the launch prob just trade the Maxcoins for Something else.

I only have my laptop, so not really expecting to mine much, if anything, to tell the truth,but nice to try anyway.

Tried a few other pools for the coins here, but for me, it does not work, the CPU mIner does not even come on, load, but worth a try.Your settings in the idle opt arguments are different than the Hashfaster pool.Bitcoin Donations 1MtkXcaUG766j6JwZqoVJPAbwvhiiYN4b8 Darkcoin Donations Xqtkkpugx3voWqFrwrUF8op6xbwLAJo1zX DogeCoin Donations DBJMqinPqbQmQEtjN5tZ3kNkAyYUL9mj8e Spartan.I have a quesiton about this software of yours and I was hoping maybe i can talk to you via email instead or in facebook. please let me know if your cool with that.Made some profit, then being greedy sold the bloody lot for 42, and virtually lost the lot.So, to clarify, I can only do solo mining with your software on the 5 CPU coins you have listed.Can you please run mine as a sentence for me to copy and add.

By posting quality articles and contributing to general discussions you will earn Quarks.Thanks for all the Support, If you could post what Steps you took to Fix the Qubit and Maxcoin i have had a lot of people ask me how to sync and i have had some trouble myself with those two in the past.When i try checkin my MemoryCoin wallet on MMCPool.com i get a.Thank YOU so much for making downloading Cryptocurrencies a lot easier.I started with Primecoin, MemoryCoin, QuarkCoin, MegaCoin.

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BitQuark is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money.The photo you take is a minefield of DarkCoin makes this 6 hours running and going 27 of 29 accepted.Getting them to sync was easy part, getting the correct information was very hard.Welcome to BitDaily.com, a project built by BitSugar to aggregate all of the digital currency news sources into one place.

Add Shortcut to ProcessD.exe to startup folder if you want to autostart with your PC.The official Quark downloads are available from quarkcoin.org, from the bitcointalk forum,.Interesting so if you are getting the work mmpool error you are mining MemoryCoin from two different computers on the same IP but now you are changing to Primecoin and still get a Error.Regardless, my plan is to build up these coins for quite some time until it is financially meaningful for me to cash out.Or imagine taking solar powered processing rigs and satellite internet connections into isolated places in Africa or wherever.I close one process minerd.exe and now I run at normal speed Khs.Right now the software is free if you want to donate feel free to send me some coins.

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Question on Cpu miner will it work if installed to RAM instead of to HD using a program like RamDisk.Reason is that i believe the ram is going to do calculate the algorithms faster than the cpu would. i know doing this for video editing it will go faster.Sori for late reply, I wanted to do Bitcoin mining using CPU, coz i have around 6-8 servers to use.i need the wallet for save the bitcoin.What impact, if any, do they have on mining and profit. Thanks.I understand that, but I was more curious about whether running in idle and invisible would free up some clock cycles which then could be used for mining.

Are you planning to do something for KittehCoin, I like this coin.Thanks for the Heads up i will have to do a video on how to fix issues like that.Idle options is the command for what to do when your computer is idle (doing nothing).This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Cryptocurrency article.Bter.com is a bitcoin exchange platform which supports bitcoin, BTC, litecoin, LTC, FTC, feathercoin namecoin, ppcoin, terracoin, freicoin, NMC, TRC, FRC, PPC trading.I was getting coins 4 or 5 time every hour but now it has stopped. is the qubit pool still working.